Doors & Security

There is a door for every purpose ....​

At 3DM we do not limit ourselves to any one supplier – of course, we have our favourite suppliers for certain types of door , but we focus more on the right door for the job than anything else.

Doors can be very simple light and quick to fit – a standard-size plain internal door might only cost $50 A heavy security door, a high-grade oversized fire door or Radiation door might cost many thousands of dollars and need a special frame to go with it

Knowing what door can be used where is very important and needs to be chosen with care

As a company with traditional carpentry skills we are happy to adjust and repair existing doors when it is practical and cost effective to do so.

An Important note about Fire Doors

Be very careful about who works on your fire or fire escape doors , both are governed by very strict legislation – an unlicensed contractor without the necessary expertise can easily cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to a fire door – often necessitating its full replacement 
As a licensed Carpentry contractor 3DM can fit new fire doors to specification , all of our installs are inspected and certified independently by a nationally accredited Fire door supplier.

Secure Doors

The owner of 3DM , Mike, learned security from the sharp end – working as a carpenter on emergency call in central London for 3 years,this entailed replacing and upgrading several doors a day – there is no substitute for knowing what works in the real world.
Onward from this he studied with the Master Locksmiths Association In the UK and became a fully qualified locksmith and full member.
This does not mean that 3DM is a locksmithing company!  – if you need a key cut please use your normal local supplier or ideally a member of the MLAA ( Master Locksmiths of Australia)  
If you need a door supplied and fitted with a higher standard of security or an existing door upgraded please do give us a call.
We are happy repair replace and adjust door closers and hinges as part of our aim to provide a one stop shop for your commercial maintenance needs.

Special Purpose Doors

At 3DM we like to use the correct door for the proper place, we are happy to supply made-to-measure doors including oversized internal doors, made-to-measure office doors, Fire Doors, Fire Exit Doors, and lead shielded Radiation Doors for Medical Use 
If you have a special door requirement please give us a call ,we will work out the best solution.

Digital Locks
Fire compliant doors and hardware
Door closer correctly adjusted no leaks
Lead shield Radiation Doors